About Pay & Go

Pay & Go is an electronic payment platform, that helps everyone on the everyday needs
It saves your time and gives a piece of mind for the periodic and instant payments of your life
Basically it changes your payments behavior

Background & History

Pay & Go is a Non Bank Financial Institution, based in Albania which brings the best experience of the electronic payments via self-services platforms, operating in more than 23 countries.

The operating software of the platform has been engineered and is property owned by QIWI, a company with more than 20 years of experience in this business, recently acquired by VISA International.

It processes more than 70 mil transaction, from 171k terminals, by 15 mil Users, with a integration of 75k providers . Means a huge history of experience behind it! .

More About Us

How works Pay & Go

A user friendly device will introduce you to the unlimited possibilities of the electronic payment solutions

It is equipped with the highest performance technology in order to provide all the services of your need right in front of you, just one touch away

You choose what you need to pay and in few easy steps you will understand how technology can improve your life

All the payments done through Pay and Go are REAL TIME Transactions

What does it mean? …… that in few seconds your money are in destination ready to be used

To link Pay and Go with people’s mind!
……to make Pay and Go their first payments choose

Actually we finished the first phase of deployment with 120 terminals located in Tirana.
We will continue with the same rhythm, so by the end of 2016 the service will be available on 1000 terminals, including the first terminals for the main cities: Durres, Fier, Vlore, Shkoder.
And the main goal in terms of footprint will be the deployment of 3000 terminals all over Albania, by the end of 2017.

Ones the consumer will understand the usage of Pay & Go, it will be accessible from personal devices
  • Bowsers – Normal PC
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones APP
  • Smart TV-s APP